84 Years of Youth (Work) without borders

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3 representatives of Tinerii 3D took part to “Youth (Work) without borders” TC as part of the Erasmus+ project with the same name in Nova Gradiska, Croatia between 10 and 18 September 2018. The hosting NGO was “Association of the deaf and hard of hearing Nova Gradiška”.

Press Release „Youth (work) without borders“

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The Association of deaf and hard of hearing is implementing another project within the scope of Erasmus+ program since May 2018 under the title „Youth (work) without borders“. It’s a training course funded by Agency for mobility and EU projects through Erasmus+ program.
TC “Youth (work) without borders” aims to enable participants to explore and develop the understanding of the concept and factors of youth work and non-formal learning. It will address the need present throughout whole Europe for competent nonformal education practitioners in civil society (youth workers, trainers, facilitators, youth leaders) who will be equipped to run educational activities for youth based on the values of the European Union and the Council of Europe, tailor-made for their local realities and the needs of specific target groups.

Diversifi3D Youth Exchange in Petrousa Dramas, Greece, August 2018

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Our partners from Greece prepared a super cool youth exchange called Diversifi3D, that will take part in Petrousa Dramas in August 2018. 7 youngsters and one leader will  discuss about the need of human to express himself through Art was developed quite early in human time, which is reflected in the rock paintings and cave paintings dating up to the Paleolithic period (30,000-10,000 BC). The same art forms are found scattered across the globe, which connects the people of that era in an unexpected way.

“Blue Danube” – press release

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The implementation of the Blue Danube project under the Erasmus + Program No. 2018-1-BG01-KA125-047681 was successfully completed.

The implementation of the project activities provided an opportunity for 20 volunteers from Romania to participate in the preparation and implementation of the Blue Danube Week International Festival, which in turn enabled the young people to show personal commitment and initiative and, through their work, to help the realization of socially beneficial activities and to feel significant. The European Voluntary Service was held in Vidin for a period of 25 days – from 09.06.2018 to 03.07.2018.

Tinerii 3D “Get real stay social” in Gryfów Śląski, Poland

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Tinerii 3D took part to “Get real stay social” Erasmus+ project in Gryfów Śląski, Poland during 18 – 26 June.  The main aim of the training is to develop enterpreneurial skills and raise level of knowledge in social entrepreneurship.

Adrian, Livia and Denisa were part of the Romanian team

Dissemination of the results of the Erasmus+ project called T.E.D. – Thought, Education, Dissemination

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It has been almost 2 months after the project where we’ve been partners within Erasmus+ T.E.D. – Thought, Education, Dissemination has finished, however the memories and gained knowledge are still vivid. Let us remind you how youth workers from 12 different European countries learnt to communicate their passion and inspire others around them.

“I can, therefore I am” at the end

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In the period of December 2017 – January 2018 we had the please to host Aycan Onuk and Huseyin Duru, two Turkish EVS volunteers. They were part of our team during this 2 months as part of the Erasmus+ EVS project called “I can, therefore I am” made in partnership with Sinop Valiligi NGO from the Sinop city of Turkey.