Taking your skills to the next level – online learning platforms

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No matter what you want to learn, for sure there is a course that you could join and get new skills or improve the ones you already have. The crucial thing here is to find the most worthwhile courses and the most effective one for you. We live in the times when there is a great number of online courses and tutorials on websites which you can use even without getting out of your bed!

Obținerea unui loc de muncă în Craiova – misiune (im)posibilă?

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După terminarea facultății și chiar și din timpul acesteia, tinerii își încep drumul profesional. Ei ajung să lucreze fie într-un domeniu potrivit cu studiile lor, fie în companii sau firme care prestează diverse servicii. Majoritatea visează să aibă un loc de muncă în domeniul în care au avut studiile, însă doar câțiva reușesc acest lucru. Tinerii se confruntă cu o reală problemă atunci când vine vorba de găsirea unui job, deoarece locurile de muncă disponibile în Craiova sunt puține în comparație cu numărul tinerilor care vor să se angajeze.

Am vrut să aflu cum este văzută piața muncii din Craiova prin ochii tinerilor și astfel am discutat cu câteva persoane o serie de întrebări.

Craioveni, why you don’t vote?

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Free elections and being able to choose the authorities of a country, region or city in which one lives is a privilege of democracy. Last Sunday people of Craiova were choosing the new mayor of the city. It may seem that choosing local authorities such as the mayor of the city would be an important case for the inhabitants. Although, was it like this last Sunday?

Open Call for Polish Volunteer for the “Journey” EVS project in Craiova, Romania

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  • What?: EVS – European Voluntary Service (Erasmus+ Project)
  • Title: Journey
  • Place: Craiova, Romania
  • Hosting NGO: Asociația Tinerii 3D
  • Sending NGO: Semper Avanti (Poland)
  • Date: 1 September 2017 – 31 August 2018 (the starting date can be delayed with 15 or 30 days)
  • Who?: One Polish Girl between 18 and 30 years old interested in journalism, photo & video edition, youth work, working with kids and youngsters

Memories from youth exchange “Rights 4 Employment”

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For young people, especially after finishing school or graduating from university, entering the labour market is very difficult. It is crucial for them to know their rights and how to effectively present themselves to future emplyers. Erasmus+ youth exchange “Rights 4 Employment” was aimed at orienting young people from Armenia, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Romania on those issues.

Press release: “Rights 4 Employment” Youth Exchange

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Press release: “Rights 4 Employment” Youth Exchange

Craiova, Romania, 2-10 May 2017

At the beginning of May a group of youngsters from 6 countries – Romania, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey and Armenia will gather in Craiova, Romania and discus the labour laws and their work opportunities.

The Erasmus+ Project “Rights 4 Employment” will take place in Craiova since 2nd of May until 10th of May. Asociația Tinerii 3D is the hosting organization. The youth exchange is organized as a Erasmus+ Project.

First impressions of Craiova as EVS Volunteer

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Flight from Cologne, Germany to Craiova, Romania lasts about 2 hours 25 minutes. All that time I was wondering how it will be when the plane lands and how will look my first days in Romania. I don’t know whether my hands were sweaty from excitement and impatience to finally be there or from the stress to safely land.