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Craiova in the eyes of its inhabitants

Written by Joanna Grams. Posted in Viața în Craiova & Oltenia

Craiova – the city on the south-west of Romania. The capital city of the region Oltenia and one of the 41 counties in Romania – Dolj. The city with rich history, beautiful architecture and kind people. The city with few landmarks and hidden gems. The city which many call “home” and are proud of it.

How to beat homesickness when you are living abroad?

Written by Joanna Grams. Posted in Stories with #tinerii3d

Whether you are abroad for the first time in your life or it is the next time you are abroad, you might feel homesick at some point. It might hit you that suddenly you are missing very simple things which might seem silly, like some sweets, your favourite coffee shop in your hometown, your mom’s freshly baked cake, and the view from your room or the smell of flowers in the garden.

Taking your skills to the next level – online learning platforms

Written by Joanna Grams. Posted in Util pentru tine(ri)

No matter what you want to learn, for sure there is a course that you could join and get new skills or improve the ones you already have. The crucial thing here is to find the most worthwhile courses and the most effective one for you. We live in the times when there is a great number of online courses and tutorials on websites which you can use even without getting out of your bed!

Craioveni, why you don’t vote?

Written by Joanna Grams. Posted in News

Free elections and being able to choose the authorities of a country, region or city in which one lives is a privilege of democracy. Last Sunday people of Craiova were choosing the new mayor of the city. It may seem that choosing local authorities such as the mayor of the city would be an important case for the inhabitants. Although, was it like this last Sunday?

O săptămână de distracţie pentru craioveni

Written by Joanna Grams. Posted in Viața în Craiova & Oltenia

Săptămâna care doar ce s-a încheiat a fost una plină pentru craioveni. Cu ocazia sărbătoririi zilelor Craiovei, aceştia au putut participa la diverse activităţi gândite pentru toate categoriile de vârstă, cum ar fi: expoziţii de fotografii vechi, de maşini, de flori, dar şi standuri cu produse handmade, cu haine tradiţionale şi un simulator de realitate virtuală.

Memories from youth exchange “Rights 4 Employment”

Written by Joanna Grams. Posted in News

For young people, especially after finishing school or graduating from university, entering the labour market is very difficult. It is crucial for them to know their rights and how to effectively present themselves to future emplyers. Erasmus+ youth exchange “Rights 4 Employment” was aimed at orienting young people from Armenia, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Romania on those issues.