Call for participants – TC “Ready Start Go on EVS Challenge” in Craiova, Romania

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We have the pleasure to annouce you that Asociația Tinerii 3D have an Erasmus+ mobilty project approved for august 2015 in Craiova.

  • What?: Training Course (Erasmus+ Project)
  • Title: Ready Start Go on EVS Challenge
  • Place: Craiova, Romania
  • Hosting NGO: Asociația Tinerii 3D
  • Date: 18 – 24 August 2015
Travel dates: 17 and 25 August Please keep in mind that on 17 August you should be in Craiova and on 25 you should leave. 2015-05-09 15.17.47

The main idea on this project is to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes of all the actors included in the project implementation (especially the coordinators), to put emphasis on the formal, informal and non-formal learning process during their EVS project activities. Moreover, we shall underline the importance of the Youth pass certificate, by clarifying the usage of the gained competence in daily life.

Learning objectives of the training course are:
  • To clarify the challenges of European Voluntary Service among EU and EECA countries regarding to content and methodology, non-formal and informal learning process, inter-cultural learning and impact on the local community
  • To gain knowledge and develop new skills on Youthpass as a recognition tool for non-formal learning;
  • To raise awareness of the key competences and develop different methods that can be used in practice within EVS projects.
  • To empathize with the volunteer’s position, and raise awareness on her or his personal, social and professional development during EVS activity.
  • To prepare quality EVS projects among EU and EECA countries, matching the new requirements of Erasmus+ program with their organization
  • To offer the opportunity of meeting possible partner groups among EU and EECA countries.
  • O GREECE (Thessaloniki, Greece) – Eleni Plevra –
  • Association Young Volunteers Firefighters – Sfera (Bitola, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) – Milcho Duli –
  • Stowarzyszenie Europe 4 Youth (Kraków, Poland) –
  • Enas (Slavonski Brod, Croatia) – Josip Brzovic –

Keep in mind that the partners are responsable to select the best participants for this Training Course. For romanian participants Asociația Tinerii 3D will make the selection and you can contact us at

For more details check the infopack:

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