Call for participants – Youth Exchange “Rights 4 Employment” in Craiova, Romania

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We have the pleasure to announce you that Asociația Tinerii 3D have an Erasmus+ mobility project approved for mai 2017 in Craiova.

  • What?: Youth Exchange (Erasmus+ Project)
  • Title: Rights 4 Employment
  • Place: Craiova, Romania
  • Hosting NGO: Asociația Tinerii 3D
  • Date: 2 – 10 May 2016
Travel dates: 2 and 10 May. Please keep in mind that on 1 May you should be in Craiova no later than 19:00 and on 10 you should leave. 2015-05-09 15.17.47

Project Objectives

  • Increase knowledge and understanding about International Labour Standards on employment promotion, discrimination, while applying to an open position or during the work. Labour, health and social rights among young people and how to react in case of abusing their rights
  • Support young people in personal development by acquisition of necessary competences (writing motivation letter, preparing CV, searching and applying for job, etc), which are needed to make smooth gradual transition to labour market, education or training
  • Raise awareness among young people about variety of opportunities for study, training and employment (support programmes, EVS, Erasmus for young entrepreneurs, etc)
  • Enhance employability and improve career prospects of young people from the minority groups that are in highest risk of unemployment, not in training like romas and refugees. As well, as people coming from problematic families or orphanage
  • Promote Erasmus+ programme and non-formal education

Participants Profile

Each partner organisation should select the participants accordion to the profile of the project.

Each partner organisation should select the participants according to the profile of the project.

The target group is generally 18-25 (it can be more or under this age if the host organization agrees with). The team leader can be any age 18+ and it should have experience in working with youngsters.

Participants need to be aged over 18 years old. If they are under this age they should have written permision (in English) from both parents that they agree to take part to this exchange.

Most important criteria of selection would be motivation to develop necessary personal skills, in order to get prepare for the labour market, trainee or education. To ensure that have include in the selection process the following questions:

  • – what is your current occupation (if there is some)
  • – in which area would you like to work
  • – how are you going to obtain that work
  • – what do you know about labour rights?
  • – what competences you have now?
  • – what competences would you like to obtain during this project
  • – how do you think competences, which are gained during this project will influence you
  For the partner organizations: keep in mind that we must have at least one participant per country that comes from an Ethnic minority of the country and the fact the group should have an equilibrum between genders.


  • Just Go (Poltava, Ukraine)
  • Silver Fox North East CIC (Blaydon on Tyne, United Kingdom)
  • Youth4youth (Boves, Italy)
  • Kadin Haklarini Koruma Dernegi Izmir Subesi (Izmir, Turley)
  • Armenian Progressive Youth (Yerevan, Armenia)

Keep in mind that the partners are responsable to select the best participants for this Youth Exchange, but you can contact us and we can forward you application to the partners. For romanian participants Asociația Tinerii 3D will make the selection and you can contact us at

For more details check the infopack:

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  • Elena


    Hello, where can I find the application form for “Rights 4 Employment” project?
    Thank you!


    • Adrian Oprică


      Send your CV via email and we will send you the application form back.


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