Selecţie voluntari pentru proiectul “Volunteering in Goães” prin Corpul European de Solidaritate în Goães, Portugalia

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  • Titlul: “Volunteering in Goães”
  • Tipul proiectului: Corpul European de Solidaritate – CES (European Solidarity Corps – ESC)
  • Subiectele abordate: ecologie, dezvoltare comunitară, organizare de activități de tineret în comunitățile locale, diversitate culturală (multiculturalitate), educație non-formală (mai multe informații puteți primi prin email)
  • Perioada stagiului de voluntariat: 8 ianuarie – 7 decembrie 2024
  • Locația desfășurării: Goães, Portugalia
  • Numărul de participanți: un tânăr cu vârsta între 18 și 30 ani
  • Termen limită înscrieri:  24 noiembrie 2023
  • NU există niciun cost pentru a participa ca voluntar! În plus voluntarii au mai multe beneficii, inclusiv bani de buzunar asigurați de Corpul European de Solidaritate

About “Sandy Castle” in Marina di Massa

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During 25 September – 3 October, Tinerii 3D were part of the mobility called “Sandy Castle”, a great youth exchange that took part in Marina di Massa, Italy.
    1. SANDY CASTLE is Erasmus+ youth exchange aiming to:
    2. Develop creative thinking, soft skills, financial management, strategic planning of the ideas and social entrepreneurship skills.
    3. Teach participants how to be aware of entrepreneurial paths.
    4. Offer a basic knowledge on how to develop, validate and implement social entrepreneurial projects.
    5. Explore practical ways to set up social enterprises, taking into consideration legal, financial, management and social requirements.
    6. Equip participants with tools and methods designed to develop entrepreneurial skills.
    7. Provide participants with the opportunity to exchange experience and expertise in the field of social entrepreneurship.
    8. Inform the participants about opportunities to develop new projects under the Erasmus+ Programme.

About “Protect me to protect you”

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In the period 23.05 – 27.05.2023, the National Association of Volunteers in the Republic of Bulgaria implemented a youth exchange in the city of Velingrad on the theme “Protect Me To Protect You” within the framework of the implementation of project No. 2022-1-BG01-KA152-YOU-000065550 “PROTECT ME TO PROTECT YOU”, financed under the Erasmus+ program.
In the framework of the youth exchange, a number of activities aimed at achieving the goals set by the project were included, namely increasing the knowledge and skills of young people for the protection of the environment; promoting responsible behavior in relation to the environment among young people; promoting diversity, cultural dialogue and tolerance between young people from different countries through sharing, learning and working together in an international team and working on a problem common to all humanity.

Youth mobility, as part of the project “Let’s do it together – a green future for our planet”

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Association “Bokaya” and Association “Tinerii 3D” performed a youth mobility, as part of the project “Let’s do it together – a green future for our planet”, №2022-1-BG01-KA151-YOU-000065456. The mobility took place in the town of Vidin, Bulgaria in the period from 28.05.2023 to 14.06.2023, where 14 young people from Bulgaria and 14 young people from Romania, supported by their leaders, participated in activities related to familiarization and awareness of the general public with issues related to ecology, biodiversity, climate change and environmental protection through audio and video content.

One more step to “Meet Your Neighbours”

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This weekend we had the pleasure to host in Craiova the mid term meeting for “Meet Your Neighbours 2”. During the meeting we discussed about the achieved results in the first part of it and we planned the next actions in order to have a real successful project.

The project focuses on young people born and raised in the previous period between the two epochs – the passing of division, differentiation and defamation of the neighbor and the coming – of shared common European values ​​of tolerance, respect, freedom and respect for human rights. Therefore, in this key from a historical and cultural point of view, when the Balkan countries are located “closer” than any political, strategic, economic and other nature, it is very important to join the lasting foundations of future peace and new context in the Balkans.