Craiova is one of the biggest cities in Romania and is the capital of the Oltenia region. It has approx. 300.000 inhabitants living in the city and approx. 420.000 in metropolitan area.
Things that you may didn`t know about Craiova:


  • The name of “Craiova” comes from the Slavonic word “kralj” witch means king – so we are the city of kings
  • In antiquity the name of the city was also “Pelendava” and “Ponsiona”
  • The tradition colors of the city are white and blue and you can find them everywhere
  • Nicolae Romanescu Park (of course from Craiova) is the 3rd largest natural park in Europe
  • Nicolae Romanescu Park is also the biggest urban green area in Romania
  • Craiova is twinned with Kuopio (Finland), Nanterre and Lyon (France), Shiyan (China), Skopje (Macedonia), Vratsa (Bulgaria), Uppsala (Sweden)
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