Craioveni, why you don’t vote?

Written by Joanna Grams. Posted in News

Free elections and being able to choose the authorities of a country, region or city in which one lives is a privilege of democracy. Last Sunday people of Craiova were choosing the new mayor of the city. It may seem that choosing local authorities such as the mayor of the city would be an important case for the inhabitants. Although, was it like this last Sunday?

In Craiova the turnout on the elections of the new mayor was only around 19%. That is very little considering that the mayor of the city is one of the closes authorities to the inhabitants of the city and is a decisive person on the lowest level of authority.

When asking people on the streets of Craiova if they vote the voices were separated – some said they voted and some without shame admitted that they had decided not to vote. What is the reason for the latter? “I don’t even know who is running; this is the first time I don’t know who is running for the mayor” – said an elder woman who is an owner of a small shop in Craiova. She was not the only one who confessed that do not know the candidates for the mayor of the city. Adriana, who is working in and educational institutions, said that this year was the first time that she decided not to vote. The reason for this was because she does not support any of the candidates; she believes that the mayor should be someone who has a lot of experience.

The issue in which all asked people have agreed unanimously is whether voting is important. It seemed that in the local society there is an awareness of the importance of voting. “It’s important that all of us to vote. Everyone has the right to his/her opinion” – one said. What is interesting is the discrepancy between the opinion of the importance of participation in the elections and the actual action.

Ariana, who is in her twenties and living in Craiova, gave a comment if more young people should go and vote: “They shouldn’t stay at home and then complain that nothing is changing”. ”I went to vote because that’s what we should do. It’s my right and why should I not use it?” – she added.

Every person living in democratic country should appreciate gift of it and use the rights they were given. So when you have an opportunity do not hesitate – go and vote because every vote counts, is important and can make a change.

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