“Creative Spaceship” in Tarifa, Spain

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Beginning of November, 6 enthusiastic people decided to travel from Romania to a little town on the South Coast of Spain to embrace new adventures and discover both their inner and outer creativity. The YE Creative Spaceship gave us the opportunity to experience different layers of expressing ourselves and communicating with a group of 30 people from various countries. During the whole week, we felt very welcome by our nice organizers, Monique and Ony who made all things happen in a smooth and easy way and helped us get acquainted with the small, yet very cozy city of Tarifa. Sofia and Anastasiya facilitated our sessions in a non formal way and helped with connecting the group and activities through various methods. Although exhausting at some points, sessions were balanced through cultural nights, where you could share stuff about each country and a free day to enjoy the beach, surfing, castles or monkeys. Healthiness was part of the project too, as we got to embrace local vegan food from an eco center, so meat is not all in life, right? The most important part we enjoyed was connecting with others, creating friendships, relationships, future partnerships or maybe more. We would conclude that the experience has changed us positively and we would encourage others to try it as through creativity, you can find your inspiration…or more. Hope to see some of you guys soon in Bucharest or other parts of the world and keep in touch.
Love from B, Ionut, Florina, Andrea, Alexandra and Diana

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