“CV Superstar” Youth Exchange is coming soon

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Asociația Tinerii 3D is part of the “CV Superstar” Youth Exchange that will take place in Murzasichle, Poland.

Nowadays, Internet dominates our lives in multitude ways. Our online personal activities our intersected with professional circles and this has impacted our job-seeking activities as well. Considering how our online image on social media is what our future employer or client will see, it is important to build one’s personal brand on the web. Youth exchange called “CV superstar” will bring together to Murzasichle, Poland 30 youngsters and 6 youth leaders from Romania, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Greece and Poland. The main aim of this project is to support youngsters in the acquisition and development of entrepreneurial and digital competences and using them as a leverage for employability.

With the help of tools and methods of non-formal education, such as simulations, role-playing, brainstorming, open space discussion, participants will broaden their digital knowledge. We will focus on creating safe space for youngsters to share their experience, culture and traditions. Participants will learn how to work in an international environment, how to use multicultural dialogue as a problem resolution. Youthpass certificate will be our tool of recognition of gained competences. During the youth exchange we will promote Erasmus Plus Programme and its possibilities for youngsters. To fulfill our main aim we will present to participant the best way to protect our online data, how to use different social media pages in order to create our personal brand. As the final result each participant will create his own way to promote himself in the Internet. It will be their first step to professional career.

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