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Last week, I had a questionnaire for young Craiova’s people. There were 7 simple questions and I have taken some answers from 50 different young people. Before I started the assesment about them let me tell you about Turkish young people. Generally it is hard to approach to a person in streets, in effect this is not actually about Turkish people but the young ones in Turkey have some problems about the person who approach them. First, they (especially girls) suspects approaching person. They wonder if that guy have an intention to harm them and their opinion about if you would sit with them because of a questionnaire maybe you could be harmful person to them. I am a guy who came from those thoughts sometimes I slogged on to approach to youngers here. But it was not happened like I expected, generally everyone which I asked their help for the questionnaire helped me. I thanked them already but through this writing I wanted to thank again those people who did not hide their help for me.

Like I said it was already hard to approach to people for me also some of people that I could approached could not speak English and it was the hardest part of it. I walked in city centre to reach people and I have found them Old Town, Mihai Viteazul Square, in front of National Theatre, English Park, Mercur’s Starbucks(most of them) and certain cafes and bars. Fortunatelly I have finished this study finally J

I would like to show the questions to you before I wrote the answers and wrote my opinions about them.

  • Q1: Could you explain how do you see Craiova?
  • Q2: What makes do you feel proud about the city?
  • Q3: What makes you feel bad about the city and what do you want to change?
  • Q4: What are your first 3 favourite places in the city?
  • Q5: How can you describe the city in 3 different words?
  • Q6: As a young person that lives in the city what do you miss? (what young people need to feel better)
  • Q7: What do you see and what do you expect from the multicultural life of Craiova?

These are questions above and I want to start with the common answers and also the answers that I most liked. I will write my opinion about after each questions and answers.

  • Q1: Could you explain how do you see Craiova?

Most of people gave the same answers like “Beautiful city, special city, growing city”. Also there were people who mentioned about different things like “multicolor buildings” and economy is down. On the other hand most of people said the Craiova is very wonderful city in Romania which has a lot places to visit and fun.

I came here one month ago and I could see those answers with my eyes except the down economy. I liked here’s polite people, multicolor buildings and places with fun. But to get back the economy I think probably the person who gave that answer compared other European countries to whole Romania. In a way he/she was right because everbody know the Lei’s value against Euro. Anyway, you can see below the answers for this question that I most liked:

  1. A medium level town, where people is very interested in money, night life and physical aspect. Anyway, it is a town full of life.
  2. I see Craiova as home, cause here I live and where I received all the love from my parents.
  3. For me Craiova represent my home and I like the people around myself.
  • Q2: What makes do you feel proud about the city?

People generally mentioned about Craiova has many places to visit for tourists and also they have a rich history. By the way, they really proud to have 2nd largest park in Europe “Parcul Nicolae Romanescu”. I think the youngers which I could reach most of them were between 17-20 because a considerable amount of them have written about “Fratii Buzeşti” highschool and its teachers. According the their thoughts the teachers who in Fratii Buzeşti are the best teachers in Romania. Another common answer is they proud of their football team: FC Universitatea Craiova. I am also fan of Universitatea Craiova, it is a good reason to feel proud J. In addition to these there were a few people who do not feel proud about city. Maybe their expectations were big and they could not find anything to feel proud about Craiova. I do not know, everybody are free to think what they want J. End of the paragraph here are the most favourite 3 answers below:

  1. My city has a beutiful old town and also the best park of Romania, Nicolae Romanescu. People in Craiova are big fans of football. We have the best football team from Romania: FC UNIVERSİTATEA CRAİOVA.
  2. I am proud of my city for the ancient buildings that were restoreted to change the old impression of Craiova that was created.
  3. I am proud of it because it has developed a lot in the past years and it keeps doing it.
  • Q3: What makes you feel bad about the city and what do you want to change?

Common answer is: people’s mentality. They disturbed the people who always judged other people. Also they told about gipsies in here. Someone named the city “dangerous” but I think they have not seen any dangerous place, they should be thankful to live here. Besides these most of people mentioned about the education system and they said these problems that feel bad them because of the lack of education. Some of them wanted to change the major of city. I do not know him/her even name but I am sure they have a better major than mine J. I hope these people will get their want. Most liked answers(more than 3):

  1. I think there are many good people that have a degree and do not have a job.
  2. I feel bad because I see a lot of gipsy and the people who are from another country think we are all the same.
  3. I am very sad that our city lost the title of cultural city and that our park constructions were delayed by the shortage of found, I wish that in one day we will get the title back.
  4. All the girls that did not like me back. I would change those girls’ mind.
  5. The boys are not enough in the city, it is sad.(I remember her J)
  6. All, I can start with the major. (here is a unhappy citizen)
  • Q4: What are your first 3 favourite places in the city?

All of the people that I have reached wrote “Parcul Nicolae Romanescu”. But it is the ironic part, I did not see any of them at there J. The following answers are; Old Town, Botanical Garden, Electroputere Mall, Youth Park, Art Museum, National Theatre and Krypton Sky Club (they were very honest).

If you ask me this question, of course I will start with Romanescu Park and after that Old Town and Youth Park I will say. I have not been at Botanical Garden and Art Museum but most of people loves these places I wondered them and I will get these places as soon as possible. By the way a guy wrote “girls” for this question first but when I read his paper I asked him “Why your last favourite place is girls?” and he said “Ahh, I misunderstood!” and he changed “his favourite places”


  • Q5: How can you describe the city in 3 different words?

Probably it was the easiest question and everyone unexceptional wrote beautiful or same meaning words even the ones who do not feel proud of the city. I do not know some of them did not focus while they were filling and some of them were overfocused. I guess these overfocused people used a realistic attitude for the topic and some of them said the city is poor with other good words. But there were 3 words that I liked very much, in fact I could use them for my answers: Modest, alive, vintage.


  • Q6: As a young person that lives in the city what do you miss? (what young people need to feel better)

General expectation is more events to fun. As I understood from answers there are more events that held in summers. Someone stated spesificly for example; concerts and art exhibitions should be held in city. By the way, I have reached some erasmus students who study in Medicine and they came from other countries. They said they missed their homes, families and their languages also they complained about the people who can speak English are not many, in their opinion. Don’t worry guys, I can understand you… Look at the below for favourite answers:

  1. My childhood.
  2. I miss all the girls that left for collage.
  • Q7: What do you see and what do you expect from the multicultural life of Craiova?

First of all the people who live here are happy to see people from another countries, at least youngers. I realized something according to answers. Most of people support Multicultural life in Craiova and they know there are foreigners here but they do not find each other because of that they want to more events with everyone to be friends.

I surprised about one thing that some of the people that I have reached did not expect anyhing for Multicultural life in city. On the other side some of them mentioned it is a good way and it is enough for now and there should be nothing to do for this anymore. I am finishing with the most coolest answers again:

  1. More activities, more outdoors and funny experiences, we should try to meet each other more and to appreciate more the city.
  2. I expect everyone to be nice an not to feel different because we all the same and what we have different makes us special.
  3. I see a lot of people of different nationality and I like the way they fit in our groups; we are very good with strangers. The more, the better.
  4. I think that multicultural life is something that people really need it. I expect that in the future in Craiova will come many more foreigners and I think that this is not a bad thing.
  5. The event’s social, sport, cultural. (Looks like somebody cheated from my T-shirt)
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