Emre, the first EVS volunteer that we host in Craiova

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Today you will have the opportunity to find our more about Emre first toughs about 3 topics: “City of Craiova”, “My first EVS week” and “People of Craiova”.

Bur first.. Who is Emre? Well, he is our first EVS volunteer that we host and he will be helping us for 6 months starting this month. He is 23, coming from Istanbul, Turkey and as we already know more about him looks like he loves football, new adventure and to meet new people and culture.

If you want to meet him you can find him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/capin.emre and you can join the group “Multi-Kулти Craiova by Tinerii 3D” here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/336850919987531/ (made by Asociația Tinerii 3D in order to promote multiculturality in the city of Craiova and put together Romanians and other ethnicities that live in this beautiful city).


Now Emre`s personal thoughts about the topics:


“Before I came here I have not any information about Craiova. I have googled the city to not to feel like outsider when I come. I saw many information that noted the city’s instructions, parks, churchs and people. There was a lot of information about that but they were most conspicuous. They said Craiova is the 6th biggest city in Romania, there is a largest park named “Parcul Nicolae Romanescu”. I was thrilled about them and also i had wondered about Romanian people. It was my first travel to abroad also so many differences were waiting for me.

On the arrival date my plain landed on Otopeni Airport in Bucharest. Finally my project has started with this air travel. But when I came to Bucharest an another journey was waiting for me to get Craiova. A train travel. I do not remember how many times I get on a train for intercity travel. Maybe when I was a baby, old times. I got my train tickets and the train left the Bucharest. I was feeling sleep but meanwhile there was a little bit fear inside of me I did not want to miss Craiova stop. The train travel was 3 hours long. After that I have met with Adrian and Monica (Thank God they were here). Plain and train travels were tired for me. I just wanted to eat something and took some rest. Adrian and Monica took me home and they told me important matters for beginning. I was so excited about their talks but I did not have any energy even to talk fluently with them. Regardless I was in Craiova and I knew it will be awesome for me.

Next days, I had many chances to discover the city. I walked on city center with Alex, Monica and Adrian. When we saw a edifice struction, Alex has started to talk about them. I did not say to him I have already searched them before I came here. Maybe I wanted to listen from a real citizen. We also saw Filarmonica Oltenia building, The City Hall, National Theatre, Universitatea din Craiova and visited English Park and Parcul Nicolae Romanescu. All of them and more were beautiful more than I have searched. Apart from these, I noticed the silence and calmness in whole city. They were very precious things for me who came from a noisy and crowded city: İstanbul.

In the upcoming days, if I bored at home I just left and walked around the my neigborhood to discover places which near me. I think still I am walking at least 2 kilometers per day from the beginning. The blocks that located in my neighbourhood were came down to communism. From an external perspective they seems very old but according to my opinion if somethings can came down from old time, that makes them strong. Anyway my home is in one of those old blocks.

I guess I was lucky for first days. There was a party after 2 days I came here. So I could see the night life in Craiova. Nights at Craiova was very lightful, colorful and more noisy than the daytime based on my impressions. Both as city’s illumination and as colorful lights on structures was charming. Every night I see them I am fascinating. In turn to music, I already love music and dancing. I saw Craiova’s nights have full of music and dance.

I still keep continue to discover the city – day and night -, also make new friends. I liked the city’s settlement, structures, parks, nights, music and the most important I think I like people from here. What can I want anything else from a project.”



“It was hard to leave my own country and that was my first travel to abroad. There were somethings –coup attempt- happened in Turkey a few months ago and the government introduced restrictions to leave country. Especially for special passport owners. They checked all of the papers more than anytime. I have known my papers are all okay even so I was little bit afraid if they do not let me leave the country. After that processes they approved my papers and I was ready to get my plain but first I had to say goodbye to my family. İt was harder for them. They waited for me till the plain took off from the airport.

When I left the plain in Bucharest, I have met two Turkish people at the airport. They were also came for an another EVS project. They have known the city more than me and helped me to go to train station. After I got the train the man sitting next to me has started to talk on phone. I think it was the first time I met the Romanian language as completely. It was strange but also was exciting. He reminded me the rule number 1: There is no people here who speaks Turkish. (I know Turkish people stay all over the world but rule is rule)

When I came home, I do not know there were emotions which undefinable inside of me. A new life, new people, new places, new home…  Actually the header would be “a houseman’s first week who tried to discover somethings new”. Because my EVS project in Romania has 2 volunteers but the other participant is still waiting for his VISA. So I came here alone and probably I will stay alone a couple of weeks more.

Even it was my first I have been met a lot of friends. I do not know it was because of me or because of Craiova people J Anyway, I have a lot friends already now and that makes me happy. Also I had seen beautiful structures and places. I started to go shopping and cooking somethings and suddenly I realized what I do here. I realized that this project was not about only tasks or quests. I had oportunities to discover myself, to increase my skills, meet new people, learn a different culture and different language therefore I had an oportunity to learn my culture to people which I could arrive.

First days I had some problems about get used to a new life. Still one of these problems continue: washing the dishes J. I have learned some basic Romanian words and phrases on first week. At least I could say “Sunt Turc” that means “I am Turkish”. There were a lot of free time at this week. I walked on the streets alone and just looked the people and places to remember when I would get there the second time. Also I followed the roads which could lead me my home. I am still learning and observing, there are a lot of things to discover here!”



“Honestly I need to talked about Romanian people. Even though Craiova people always one move ahead of the others but all of them are Romanian in my sight. First of all they are very kind and polite people. From the airport in Bucharest and the followed train travel no matter who I asked they helped me. Of course these reactions were very normal but everyone that I saw till now were very kind and I was found that strange. To be honest if you wanted help from someone(young) in Turkey, probably they would either misdirection you to their fun or they would not consider to you. Not all of them but less than half of them would choose one of these ways.

I think I liked the people of Craiova because of the behaviours that I could not see my own people. Of necessity I compared between the people who have different cultures. For example the drivers in Turkey kept moving instead of pay off the pedestrians. It was not true to generalize it but half of them would not pay off.

In turn the Romanian people, they talked very much. Even I could not understand them, they tried to explain somethings to me in Romanian. I could just get the numbers and names but if they go on to talk Romanian I am learning the language just for talk with them J.

Also as I could see Romanian people liked to play football like me. Even my first week they summoned me a football game and we spent nice time together. Probably they knew just my nationality and my name but they should such warm-blooded after every goal for my team we celebrated between us. In addition I went to volleyball match Romania aganist Macedonia and also went to Universitatea Craiova’s football match. I really liked the “Imn Universitatea Craiova” song and I quickly memorised its refrain part J.

Like I said, of necessity I compared the people and I notized that young people from here -I meant 16-18- were improved theirselves in some branch that they interested in. I have a friend here aged 17 also my brother’s age is 16. When my friend could use some DJ softwares and he could make his own songs at the same time in another country my brother could play some board games on internet. I think I will give my most of EVS experiances to my brother when I go back Turkey.

The things that I mentioned above were just a beginning with people of Craiova. I think there are a lot of things that I will learn from them.”

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