“From oppression to solution” – the YE in Sosnówka, Poland

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This June we were part of a very interesting YE in Sosnówka, Poland, that is called “From oppression to solution”. The youth exchange was focusing on integration through art.
The objectives (that we are sure that were achived) were:
  • – creating a safe space to look for a way to solve social problems;
  • – providing tools for constructive expression and dealing with oppression;
  • – creating an unique situation in which the viewer gets permission to enter the stage and act;
  • – acquisition of tools by the participants to carry out changes in their environment;
  • – counteracting discrimination and exclusion;
  • – exchange of experiences, different views on a given topic, learning from each other;
  • – development of active creativity, cooperation in the group, careful perception;
  • – development of a sense of community through creative action;
  • – learning assertive expressing needs;
    We were just 4 countries (Poland, Romania, Spain and Lithuania) as part of the project but in total 36 young spirits that enjoied a lot to share their cultures, to discover a lot of new things and gain knowleade about the topics that we disscused during the exchange.
Some of the participants shared with us their thoughts:
Ancuta: "I had the pleasure to join this team and I can say that this was one of the great experiences I have had, and it is something what needs to be done at least once in a lifetime. During the project I had a lot of fun, gained friends, knowledge, and learned about other cultures."
Maria: "If you ever wondered who you truly are there isn’t any better way to find out than by participating to an Erasmus + project.

“From oppression to solution” was my first Youth Exchange in which I have taken part in and I cannot say how significant it was for me. Not only did I make a lot of new friends and had a wonderful time during the project, but the activities that we did made me realize very important things that we are used to do in the
day-to-day life without thinking they might hurt someone even if they are not intentionally.
The project had a big impact on my way of thinking about others and myself also. It required to get out of your comfort zone and speak up for yourself and others, but in the same time you had to be respectful and patient. There were a lot of challenges, but we supported one another and succeeded in overcoming all of them.
I truly recommend attending to Erasmus + projects. It is an experience that will definitely change your life!
Thank you so much, Erasmus team, Just do it association from Poland, Tinerii 3D association from Romania and all of the participants! It’s was an amazing project❤️"

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