“Grabiți-vă cât încă este cald!” – Sergiu Semenciuc

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Nu planuiam sa vizitez Polonia in acest mod, dar  uite ca am facut-o si a fost una dintre cele mai minunate aventuri de pana acum. Experienta mea in cadrul proiectului nu a fost extrem de diferita fata de ceea ce eram deja obisnuit sa fac, dar pot spune cu certitudine ca a fost total unica, in special pe timp de pandemie. Am invatat multe lucruri din mediul international in care am creat continut educativ pentru social media, care avea sa fie folosit in scopul evidentierii actualelor probleme mondiale si oportunitatilor pentru tinerii din Polonia. Pe langa skill-urile de comunicare si leadership pe care le-am dezvoltat, am vazut cum este sa  locuiesti si sa traiesti 24/7 intr-o casa cu persone din mai mult de 7 tari din Europa si din lume, si cum ajungi sa te intelegi cu ei mai ceva ca o familie, impartindu-ne experientele, sarcinile, zambete si chiar si momentele mai dificile. Asta m-a surprins foarte mult la mine, stiindu-ma destul de introvertit, dar uite ca astfel de experiente te schimba si scot la iveala noi laturi ale tale. Cred ca lucrul cel mai important din proiect este relatia pe care am dezvoltat-o cu ceilalti participanti si modul in are am ajuns sa ma cunosc pe parcurs, ca la final sa vad cat de mult am crescut intr-un timp atat de scurt. As repeta oricand experienta si sincer, abia astept sa particip in urmatorul proiect.
Grabiti-va cat inca este cald!
Sergiu Semenciuc, Rzeszow, Polonia 2021   English Version: I wasn’t planning to visit Poland this way, but here I am and I can tell you it was one of the best experiences I ever had. My experience at INPRO wasn’t very different from what I am used to do but I can assure you it was a very unique one, especially because it happened during the pandemic. I learned a ton of things from the international environment where we created educational content for social media, which would be used to highlight current global issues and opportunities for young people in Poland. Besides the communication and leadership skills that I developed and improved during the project, I experienced living 24/7 in the same house with people from over 7 European countries and not only. We got along very well and became a family, sharing our experiences, our duties, chores, smiles and emotions. This part surprised me the most as I used to consider myself more of an introvert, but, as you can see, this kind of experiences really have an impact on you and help you to rediscover yourself. For me, the most important thing from this project is the relationship I developed with the other participants and how I got to know myself better, in the end realizing how much I grew in such a short period of time.  I would totally repeat the experience if I had the chance and I am eagerly waiting for my next project.
Hurry till it’s still hot! This is your chance!
Sergiu Semenciuc, Rzeszow, Polonia 2021

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