The 3D Youngsters Over Time

Every person, community, organization, nation and so on has its own pages of history. Well.. we do not yet own a book with our history, but we have an electronic page that we would always like to present you in an honorable way.

Below is a small part of Youth 3D’s history from the beginning until today, where you can discover some of the data and events that we believe are the most important in this quite short existence of our association. Enjoy it!

2017 – The year in progress

The start of a new project financed by the European Union through Eramus+ named “Rights 4 Employment“;
Through this we would like that both in the community where we are active, but also to our partners from Italy, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Armenia, Cyprus and Turkey to manage to reach as many young people as possible with information, tips and useful examples related to employment opportunities and their rights.
1st of April
We will host within the project “Join Our Journey IV” two young girls from Poland;
They will work within the association as community journalists, discuss, interview and discover young people from Craiova and surroundings but also to other volunteers and young people of other nationalities living in the city.

2016 – The first year when we work in a multicultural team

1st of February
We started the implementation of the project “Youth brings the Change” financed by the European program Eramus+;
This project plan has emerged from the idea that young people are those who can bring the change in the communities where they live in and we’ve always wanted to come to support them. Also the project was put into direct and close connection with the city of Craiova and its candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2021.
1st of September
Emre Çapın becomes the first EVS volunteer working with us within the organization through the project “Gallipoli 2015“.
6th of September
Our Facebook page: raised 5000 followers.
17th of November
Ramazan joins Emre’s project and starts the work with the 3D Youngsters for the following 6 months.
23rd of November
Our multicultural team increases with 4 more EVS volunteers: Abdullah, Mehmet, Hasan și Süleyman;
They will work with the children from schools and kindergartens from Craiova and its surroundings as part of their school, extra-curricular and after-school programs;
They arrived in Romania through the projects “Key to Move” și “Change Your Way“.
2016 is the year that we have started working in a multicultural environment with a young team composed of both Romanian and Turkish volunteers;
This experience of multiculturalism also inspired us the intention and desire to dedicate in the future more time to these learning and training activities for young people in the community in order to learn them as many as possible about the techniques and methods of observation, summarize and transfer to posterity the beauty and benefits of working and discovering the cultures and people with their different perspectives.

2015 – The year of cooperation’s extension till European level

We took part as partners in one of the ideals that united and moved most of young people from the city of: “Craiova – European Cultural Capital 2021“;
Unfortunately the city has not won this competition but the principles and objectives for which we have worked, work and will continue working in the future can be found among our activities.
1st May
We started the implementation of the “Ready Start Go for EVS Challenge“, project funded through the European Youth in Action program;
Under this project we organized a course for 6 days in Craiova, where 29 young people from Romania, Greece, Macedonia, Turkey, Poland and Croatia have developed and shared knowledge related to the “European Voluntary Service“.
1st to 30th of October
We were partners within the project “Disabled Free Fest” – our first large-scale EVS project;
33 volunteers of The 3D Youngsters Association organized in Didim, Turkey together with a team composed of about 50 volunteers and youth workers a festival for people with disabilities;
In 2015 there were only three such events (large scale EVS) in Europe
We could summarize and characterize the year 2015 as one of new collaborations and one that has also brought us several partnerships and collaborations both within the country and abroad, thus approximately 100 youngsters had the opportunity to take part in various activities in Europe from Braga, Portugal till Yerevan, Armenia.

2014 – The “Youth in Action” Year

18th of March
We created a web page dedicated to subscribing to the opportunities we or our partners can offer to young people from Romania and beyond;
This could be accessed here: “Subscribe“. The youngsters who signs up there receive periodic information through email about new projects of our organization and about the opportunities that they could benefit of.
14th to 20th of May
We took part to “Greenilicious Greecology” project – the first youth exchange for us as partners;
4 young volunteers and a team leader took part in various activities related to ecology in the beautiful town of Kalamata in Greece.
22th of September
Andra Nicolin becomes our first volunteer who join an EVS project;
The next 6 months she spend them in Eskişehir, Turkey within the organization “Red Crescent“.
It was the year in which we have been partners in several projects under the program “Youth in Action” that included youth exchanges and / or training courses in the field of youth in several countries such as Greece, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia and Slovenia.

2013 – The Year of the Establishment

13th of January
It was officially founded Asociația Tinerii 3D – The Association of 3D Youngsters;
The association came as an initiative of Adrian Oprică, a young master student returned to Craiova after some years spent in Bucharest. The association began as an idea to brings a plus to young people from the city.
Being a group of young students this was a year of discovering how an NGO operates both in terms of organizational matters and legal ones.