“Let’s fight unemployment” project outcome and good ideas for youth

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The project “Let’s fight unemployment” identified a link between self-awareness and youth unemployment in a way that if youngsters are aware of their individual potential, they will be more open and confidant to create projects that will increase that potential, consequently creating possible employment opportunities. As such, “Let’s fight unemployment” aimed to support youth workers in helping youth to overcome unemployment and its consequences, through developing young people’s competences and knowledge in the areas of self-awareness, entrepreneurship, healthy behaviors, communication, contributing towards the creation of employment opportunities.

During the 7 days of the Youth Exchange, 30 young people from 6 different countries, including 5 representatives of Asociatia Tinerii 3D shared opinions and ideas on unemployment and the lack of awareness of opportunities. They explored creativity in the workplace as the youth must bring energy, imagination, new ideals and a limitless vision with them. The project aim was to inform youth about situation of youth unemployment in different countries as well as about job and educational opportunities. By learning and finding their best skills and how to improve it, with the use of the right programs such as Erasmus plus and EU funding opportunities for young entrepreneurs, they will be in better place than before. Emphasis was given for Erasmus+ Program as an opportunity for youth to get involved in various activities.


Below you can find one of the project results which consist of two booklets: 

  • Booklet of business plan templates: http://dw.yeletsfun.info/businessplantemplates.pdf
  • Booklet of business ideas: http://dw.yeletsfun.info/Businessideas.pdf

More info:

You can discover more about the project on the official website: https://yeletsfun.info/ or you can contact us directly on the contact page on the present website.

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