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13-19 September 2015 was the period when 30 participants from Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Georgia, Italy, Moldova, Poland,Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and of course representatives of Tinerii 3D from Romania took part to “DIY – Do It Yourself, Do It as a Youth-worker – creative solutions for unemployment among young artists” International Seminar.

The seminar took part in Wolimierz, Poland organised by Foundation for the Support of Alternative and Ecological Cultures (Poland).

After 6 days they came with one big interesting book named “Manual for un employed artists” witch contains a lot of info for the artists and youth workers in the cultural and education field.

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You can check the book on line here:

Or you can download it from here:

The international seminar was funded with the support of European Commission under the Youth in Action Programme.

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