Selecţie participanţi schimb de tineri în Kalamata, Grecia; perioada 14-20 mai

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Titlul proiectului: “Greenilicious Greecology”
Tipul proiectului:  schimb de tineri (EACEA)
Data desfasurarii: 14-20 mai 2014
Locatia desfasurarii: Kalamata, Grecia
Numar de participanti: 4 tineri cu varsta intre 18 si 25 de ani (preferabil voluntari sau tineri interesati de tematica stagiului)
Deadline inscrieri: pana in 30 martie 2014
Mancare + Cazarea asigurate 100%; Transport decontat 70%
Kalamata Grecia
Detalii (in limba engleza):

Greenilicious Greecology, aims to raise awareness of how ecological and sustainable practices can be easily and effectively applied to daily life and in urban contexts. The idea is to create a sharing space in Kalamata for 7 days, where young people from different European countries can exchange their ideas and opinions, have a constructive dialogue about sustainable and ecological practices, learn more about these topics and to work together to present a common result. Through this project we hope to develop and provide new tools to young people that already have some experience with ecological and sustainability practices, but also to youngsters who, although they may have no prior knowledge or experience of these topics, are interested and wish to learn.

Obiectivele proiectului:

  • To provide workshops in which participants will learn how to make useful products for themselves such as soap, bread, cheese, preserves and herbal medicines
  • To educate through experience and interaction about sustainability and ecological practices
  • To promote European citizenship
  • To promote sustainable and ecological values/ non-formal education values To create a network between the like-minded participants
  • To give the participants an opportunity to express their creativity
  • To create a common work around the topic: Creative, Sustainable Ecology
Pentru mai multe detalii:

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  • Sinziana-Ioana Oproiu


    Buna, Adrian !
    Ma numesc Sinziana – Ioana Oproiu, voi implini 20 ani in iunie si sunt studenta in anul I si voluntara la Europe Direct Targoviste si la Uniunea Studentilor din ASE (USASE).
    Tocmai am dat peste acest post despre schimbul de tineri la Kalamata. Tematica suna cat se poate de provocator, de tentant. De altfel, eu am participat deja la diverse activitati pe teme ecologice si sunt pasionante.
    Pe scurt, mi-as dori sa particip la acest schimb de tineri.
    Ce trebuie sa fac pentru asta ?
    Astept cu interes maxim raspunsul tau.


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