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Selecţie voluntari pentru proiectul “Disabled Fest – Engellsiz Bayramı” cu Serviciul European de Voluntariat în Didim, Turcia

Written by Tinerii 3D. Posted in Oportunități pentru tineri

  • Titlul: “Disabled Fest – Engellsiz Bayramı”
  • Tipul proiectului:  Corpul European de Solidaritate – CES (European Solidarity Corps – ESC) (prin intermediul Erasmus+)
  • Subiectele abordate: lucru cu tineri cu dizabilități din Didim, multiculturalitate, organizare de evenimente culturale, organizare workshop-uri; “The ESC project will be implemented as direct preparation for the Disabled Fest, where all the volunteers and local youth involved will work in different groups: management, media, creative, logistic, decoration, technical, promo video making, sport, physical activities, performance group” (mai multe informații puteți primi prin email)
  • Perioada stagiului de voluntariat: 21 aprilie 2020 – 21 mai 2020
  • Locația desfășurării: Didim, Turcia
  • Numărul de participanți: 3 persoane după cum urmează:
    – 1 youth (17-30 years old) open-minded and highly motivated. We welcome also young people with fewer opportunities that may be unemployed, facing educational, economic or social challenges or having low language skills. Volunteers should be interested in working with people of different ages and abilities. There is no need for previous experiences, but high motivation is requested. – 1 disabled person (possibly young). She/he can have either a cognitive and/or physical disability, except for people in a wheelchair that unfortunately can’t be easily hosted in the facility that will accommodate the volunteers. – 1 accompanying person (no age limit), possibly experienced and qualified to support and accompany people with disabilities.
  • Termen limită înscrieri: 29 februarie 2020