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How to beat homesickness when you are living abroad?

Written by Joanna Grams. Posted in Stories with #tinerii3d

Whether you are abroad for the first time in your life or it is the next time you are abroad, you might feel homesick at some point. It might hit you that suddenly you are missing very simple things which might seem silly, like some sweets, your favourite coffee shop in your hometown, your mom’s freshly baked cake, and the view from your room or the smell of flowers in the garden.

Memories from youth exchange “Rights 4 Employment”

Written by Joanna Grams. Posted in News

For young people, especially after finishing school or graduating from university, entering the labour market is very difficult. It is crucial for them to know their rights and how to effectively present themselves to future emplyers. Erasmus+ youth exchange “Rights 4 Employment” was aimed at orienting young people from Armenia, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Romania on those issues.

Net(For)Work – A week to be remembered in Poland

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24 participants from 12 different countries gathered in Murzasichle, Poland between the 22 and 28 of September for a contact making event called Net(For)Work. The event joined: trainers, youth leaders, project managers and youth workers. The goal was to build between the participants new partnerships, as well as motivate and raise competences needed to run Mobility Projects for Youngsters and Youth Workers within the frame of Erasmus + Program. The program was created by NGO SMIT “CREATOR” from Poland.