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Emre about how young people that live in Craiova see the city

Written by Tinerii 3D. Posted in Stories with #tinerii3d

Last week, I had a questionnaire for young Craiova’s people. There were 7 simple questions and I have taken some answers from 50 different young people. Before I started the assesment about them let me tell you about Turkish young people. Generally it is hard to approach to a person in streets, in effect this is not actually about Turkish people but the young ones in Turkey have some problems about the person who approach them. First, they (especially girls) suspects approaching person. They wonder if that guy have an intention to harm them and their opinion about if you would sit with them because of a questionnaire maybe you could be harmful person to them. I am a guy who came from those thoughts sometimes I slogged on to approach to youngers here. But it was not happened like I expected, generally everyone which I asked their help for the questionnaire helped me. I thanked them already but through this writing I wanted to thank again those people who did not hide their help for me.