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Memories from youth exchange “Rights 4 Employment”

Written by Joanna Grams. Posted in News

For young people, especially after finishing school or graduating from university, entering the labour market is very difficult. It is crucial for them to know their rights and how to effectively present themselves to future emplyers. Erasmus+ youth exchange “Rights 4 Employment” was aimed at orienting young people from Armenia, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Romania on those issues.

Adrian Oprică, despre cum e să fii voluntar de mai bine de 10 ani și ce avantaje are această activitate

Written by Daniela Hadei. Posted in Editoriale, Interviuri, Noutăţi, Povești de Voluntariat

Mândru că este român, Adrian Oprică, sau Adi, așa cum îi spun prietenii, este un tânăr de 28 de ani, voluntar activ în Craiova, care de mai mulți ani călătorește în lung și-n lat, cunoaște tineri din toate colțurile lumii și în aceleși timp, duce peste tot faima României și a orașului său natal. Este pasionat de sport, street art și multiculturalitate, iar de aproximativ 14 ani face voluntariat și dezvoltă acest domeniu.

Call for participants – YE “Youth Brings the Change” in Craiova, Romania

Written by Tinerii 3D. Posted in Oportunități pentru tineri, Opportunities

We have the pleasure to announce you that Asociația Tinerii 3D have an Erasmus+ mobility project approved for mai 2016 in Craiova.

  • What?: Youth Exchange (Erasmus+ Project)
  • Title: Youth Brings the Change
  • Place: Craiova, Romania
  • Hosting NGO: Asociația Tinerii 3D
  • Date: 2 – 11 May 2016
Travel dates: 2 and 11 May. Please keep in mind that on 1 May you should be in Craiova no later than 17:00 and on 11 you should leave.

Youth Exchange “Youth European Education” in Djakovo, Croatia

Written by Tinerii 3D. Posted in News

Youth Exchange “Youth European Education” will be hosted in Djakovo, Croatia from 16.05.2016. until 23.05.2016. and it is aimed for 48 young people from Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia.
Even tough active citizenship requires people to get involved, to play an active role in political and  social life many young people still don’t recognize active participation as important. Many issues are connected with youth and active participation – low participation of youth on elections, lack of knowledge about importance of being an active citizen and low engagement and participation in political, social and economic processes.