Taking part in the Erasmus project “Let’s integrate”

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Taking part in the Erasmus project “Let’s integrate” has enriched our life by actively participating in this great, entertaining opportunity of discovering and expanding our knowledge.

Moreover, It left a mark of excitement, awareness, friendliness, sustainability, adaptability, respectfulness, multiculturality and open-mindfulness while developing social and teamwork skills that encourage us to become better versions of ourselves as individuals, citizens but also as people, united in the same wish of integrating our values within society in the hope of a brighter future.

By sparking the light of curiosity and critical thinking in our souls, slowly it lightened up the flame of the beauty of communication, enlarging public speaking skills, having fun in an intercultural, enthralling background while staying true to ourselves and our values, sharing our perspective in this stunning exchange of ideas, goals, desires and closeness. We began to grow our wings of wonder, letting us fall in love with both the place and the people, in this mesmerizing journey of finding ourselves and others, of achieving comprehension through our friends and the diverse topics approached.


To conclude, this project radiated a remarkable allure of ludic intertwined with the intriguing life lessons, making us desire for more magnificent experiences such as this one and this way, encouraging others to apply for one of the best opportunities in their lifetime.



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