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No matter what you want to learn, for sure there is a course that you could join and get new skills or improve the ones you already have. The crucial thing here is to find the most worthwhile courses and the most effective one for you. We live in the times when there is a great number of online courses and tutorials on websites which you can use even without getting out of your bed! Here is a list of few websites with courses on different topics that might be helpful for you. I can recommend them with a clear conscience as I have used most of them and the quality is great.


Coursera is one of the MOOC – Massive Open Online Course, platforms. World’s top universities publish courses online and make them accessible for anyone in the world. You can find there both paid and unpaid courses, the possibility to get a degree online as well. The platform also offers obtaining a verified certificate after completing the course. The courses cover a wide range of subjects – business, languages, arts, law, computer science, social sciences and more.


Duolingo is loved by thousands of people. It is probably one of the most effective ways of learning languages. It teaches you vocabulary, some grammar and pronunciation but also uses repetition which is the key to learning a language. Learning on Duolingo is also gamified, you get points, levels and trophies, you can compete with your friends and all of these things make it even more addictive! You can choose from the most popular languages like German, Spanish or Italian, the less popular ones – Czech, Welsh, Swahili and Hebrew or even the very unusual ones – High Valyrian or soon also Klingon.


This is one of the most known platforms of this time where you can learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Rails, Ruby and other coding languages. It is completely free, you do not have to pay a monthly subscription or pay for every class. It is good for those who are on a tight budget or those who are not sure if coding is for them and want to give it a try. The wide variety of tutorials and languages can keep you busy for a while and help you decide if coding is for you and you want to give it a real go.


Skillshare is yet another platform with courses but these offered here are mostly covering creative subjects like design, photography, writing but also DIY, business or even cooking. The idea of the platform is that everyone has something valuable to teach so you can not only watch other people sharing their passion and teaching about it but also become a teacher yourself.


This is not only a platform with courses offered by universities but also a huge collection of free books, audio books, languages lessons and other resources. You might need to spend a while scrolling the website to choose something most appealing to you as the collection of sources is really big. The platform is free for use so are the courses and other content on the website and on some courses verified certificates are available.


edX is very similar platform to Coursera. It offers access to courses provided by more than its 90 partners, including world’s leading universities like Harvard, MIT or the University of Queensland. Taking part in a course is free of charge which is a huge advantage of this platform however if you want to get a certificate you must pay for it. During the course you will have to complete quizzes which will check your knowledge and how you are paying attention so no cheating!

These are only the tip of an iceberg of websites with courses and tutorials with the help of which you can master various skills. If you are craving new knowledge check out the above-mentioned websites and discover what they are offering and pick the most suitable for you.

Online learning platforms might be the future of education. If you want to learn something, don’t wait but start today! You will be impressed how much you can learn even in a short period of time, let alone in one year.

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