Your life, your choice

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Your life, your choice is another great Youth Exchange under Erasmus+ that our NGO took part too. The project was hosted in Miłków, a beautiful village near Karpacz city in Poland.
    The objectives of the project were:
  • – encouraging young people practicing the healthier lifestyle
  • – realizing that we should not decide on it because of the pressure of the society, but attempts at it consciously and individually
  • – describing the row of positive effects which are swimming from the practicing sport and the healthy trophism
  • – realizing how the proper preparation for possible dietary changes and the correct performance are an important issue of physical exercises
  • – creating the friendly space for sharing one’s initiatives and views
  • – to develop knowledge of the participants and participating organization on Erasmus + Programme and its Key Actions, support development of new project ideas and establishing new partnerships
  • – learning of the intercultural dialogue and the active citizenship
  • – encouraging acting, promoting youth initiatives, of communication in a foreign language, of idea of the tolerance
  • – to provide young people an opportunity to gain new competencies in areas such as communication, intercultural learning, teamwork, leadership and creativity that they can apply at their daily life while studying or looking for new job opportunities
  • – learning social activity
  • – forming of the personality, developing interpersonal abilities
  • – using methods of the nonformal education.
    In there the participants also made a good list of “Rules for Hiking”:
  1. Do not get divided from the group.
  2. Respect the nature.
  3. Wear warm cloths.
  4. Bring snacks/sweets and water
  5. Bring First Aid Kit
  6. Do not over pack
  7. Do not throw litter on the way
  8. Avoid Danger signs
  9. Do not disturb the wild animals.
  10. Do not go to forbidden areas.
  11. Do not do crazy/stupid things.
  12. Bring a pocket knife, lighter, rope, safety pin, garbage bag, and a flashlight for an emergency.
  13. Do not drink alcohol before hiking.
  14. Take care of each other.
  15. Bring a thermos with hot coffee/tea.
  16. 16)Bring tissue/toilet paper.
  17. Make sure your phone is charged.
  18. Take a note of emergency numbers.
  19. Take a compass or map.
  20. Inform someone if the team is leaving.
  21. Research and check the route/ weather/ road.
  22. Bring a nice team.

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