“Your time, your choice” or how to integrate and discover yourself trough art

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“Your time, your choice” is a project implemented by the “Just do it” Polish NGO with the support if the European Union programme named Erasmus+. The youth exchange that was part of it brought together 35 young people from 5 countries including 7 representatives of our association.

Between the objectives of it you can find:

  • to stimulate, develop and deepen moral, emotional and aesthetic sensitivity
  • learning to recognize emotions and recover tensions,
  • strengthening feeling the value by creating art;
  • support the development of a young person, strengthening self-esteem,
  • building the group responsibility, the cooperation and the commitment;
    -the knowledge on building the identity of youth in the European Union society
  • awareness international sense of security through unity in diversity,
  • promotion youth initiatives, communication in a foreign language, the idea of tolerance and understanding for other cultures,
    religion and customs.

All of the above were reached through means of non-formal education. There were not given lectures, but it was guiding and motivation of the participants to work in groups, to find their own conclusions and develop communication and group-working skills.

Our young participants came with great ideas from the youth exchange and they, as the said, feel very motivated to do more youth work in their community.

Ciprian said ”
The project was simply brilliant and the topics that were approached were interesting and captivating. I made new and lasting friendships with people from all around Europe, and not only! “

If you want to know more about the project you can contact us or the project coordinating NGO that was “Just do it” from Poland.

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