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If you are on this page it means that you’re curious who we are and what we do, why have we chosen to name us “The 3D Youngsters” and not otherwise, what activities are we currently carrying out, what projects have we undertaken over the time and so on. Well… You have all this information below.

And if you want to find out even more just give us an e-mail and we’ll answer asap.

So… Who are we?

We are The Association of 3D Youngsters, one of the still young organizations from Craiova, Romania. We started as a group in the summer of 2007 and from 13th of January 2013 we founded as non-profit organization.

The idea of the name “3D Youngsters” started from us, a group of young people that decided to get involved and do more for the city and for the society that we live in, therefore our primary mission is the development of young people from the community in the direction of the 3 DimensionsEducationCulture și Sport.

Now you know that 3D comes from these 3 dimensions that we promote as part of youth development..

..but we are always asked what “t3d” means, why do we have such a simple logo and how did it appear. Let’s find out!


Who is “t3d”?

t3d is the acronym for “3D Youngsters” and also the name of our logo. It is simply illustrated through a drawing of a young man, exactly as we all used to draw it when we were little, but to whom we’ve added the “3 dimensions” on the head area (education, culture and sport) represented by each of its strands or ideas.

We like to say that t3d is that 3D youngster who is fighting for maintaining the rights of young people as community members, for social integration, for supporting other young people belonging to underprivileged social categories and also for the healthy development of the mind through education, the soul through culture and of the body through sport.


Now that you found out about the dexterous t3d (that one who is hiding in each youngster of our times) and about the logo that is representing it, we also present you our 3 friends that are helping us from time to time.

Discover our 3 “collaborators”


He is the curious redhead interested in the mysteries of mathematics, but also on non-formal education.

Eduard is known among his friends by the name of Edu. This name fits him because he is always involved in activities and projects related to education.

He is known as the hardworking nerd who always sat in the first banks in classroom, but he guarantees us that a party without him is not a real party and that education can be very well combined with the fun-filled life of a young person.


Oh.. Daria.. our curly artist!

Passionate since she was young about art and culture, values that she has developed over time through drawing, painting, music and even theater.

She is the one who helps us promote cultural events and traditional ones among young people in the city and we often even see her on stage playing in some of William Shakespeare’s plays at festivals.


Horia.. he’s a temerarious!

He’s always ready for a new journey around Europe with the view of discovering people, cultures and new places. You will always find him with his backpack ready to go anytime.

Horia was since just a young child passionate about sports organizing therefore various football competitions. Now he attends most of the sport events in the city and during summer holiday he organizes a big ping-pong tournament.

“Well, well ..

We’ve met those 3, but what exactly are you guys doing within the association? “

What are we doing?

Firstly, we work with young people’s attitudes towards society and community through encouraging “good works” and volunteering and through organizing and collaborating in various workshops, seminars, trainings, camps, festivals on a local, regional, national or international level on a variety of topics concerning youngsters and their encountered problems. Let’s not forget about the promotion of Romania’s image in the world, a proud and beautiful country which besides the fact that is ours should also be well promoted in order to be seen, perceived and appreciated by the rest of the world at its true value.

Generally, we work with non-formal education methods (come on, we’re all tired of formal education in schools) in most of our activities so that the majority of our projects and our workshops are based on EU programs (Youth in Action and Erasmus Plus) such as youth exchanges, courses for youth development and youth workers and EVS because they directly support this non-formal education.

We give great importance to a positive image of Romania and of the city Craiova (because here we put the base of the NGO) to break the barrier of stereotypes that exist in the minds of many and we are very proud that we can promote Romanian traditions to foreigners, but we also love its multiculturalism and all the good things that come bundled with it.

We also have many objectives, one more fearless and daring then other some would say. Some of these are listed below:
  • Promoting volunteering among young people and encouraging “doing good deeds”
  • Supporting and organizing activities in order to fight for the rights of young people
  • Social integration and support for young people belonging to disadvantaged social categories
  • Youth involvement in non-formal education projects on a variety of topics through organizing local, regional, national and international workshops, seminars, trainings, camps, festivals etc.
  • Promoting sport as a healthy lifestyle
  • Promoting a positive image of Romania both at home and abroad
  • Promoting Craiova and the cultural opportunities from the city
  • Promotion and preservation of the values and traditional Romanian elements
  • Promoting the principles of the European Union and European citizenship, among with the rights of European citizens
  • Setting up a local youth center to support the activities and interests of the young people from the community

The above mentioned seem to be general things, right?

We think it’s better to first discover what the 3D Youngsters did over time.

What have we done so far?

Any person, community, organization, nation and so on has its pages of history. Well we still do not have our book of history, we have a page and that one is only an electronic page.

For a small part of 3D Youngsters’s history from the beginning until today and to discover some of the dates and the events that we consider important during this quite short existence of the association you can visit ““The 3D Youngsters Over Time”” page.

Now it is quite possible for you to like what you’ve discovered about us and you might want to contact or meet us.

Here’s a list of different ways you can use to contact us:

Where can you find us?

Address for correspondence (Post): @t3d-Adresă-poștă-Tinerii-3D.pdf

Phone: +40 766 743 347

Email: contact@tinerii3d.ro


Facebook: /tinerii3d

YouTube: /tinerii3d

Vimeo: /tinerii3d

Sometimes it is not enough to read on the page of a person, company or organization how they pique themselves so take a look to see what others are saying about us.

Below you’ll find several stories, photos, memories, reviews and so on from us, from the youngsters who took part in activities with us and from some of our partners.

What do others say about us?

Most often people prefer reviews and testimonials to form their opinion about something. The reviews about The Association of 3D Youngsters can be seen on our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/tinerii3d/reviews

Others prefer to visually discover; therefore, you have available the hashtag #tinerii3d used both by us and as well by our volunteers, friends, partners etc. on Facebook and Instagram:

Facebook: #tinerii3d

Instagram: #tinerii3d

Slightly below, under the heading “Discover The 3D Youngsters Experience”, you can see some of the dearest and loved pictures of us which capture youngsters involved in various activities.

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