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logoAsociația Tinerii 3D

Non-Governmental Organisation from Craiova, Romania

Official birth date is 13 January 2013, but we work as a group since 2012

We are a group of young who is fighting for respecting the right of the young people in the community, for social integration and support of the youngsters that below to disadvantaged social groups and also for to develop a healthy way of life in 3 DimensionsEducation for the mind, Culture for the soul and Sport for the body. Between our objectives you can found promoting volunteering work, promoting creativity, gender equality and non-racist prejudices, exploring national and other countries culture, organizing sport contests, promoting the principles of European Union and European citizenship.

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If you need partner for your Erasmus+ project(s) here you have our details


Erasmus Organization ID: E10070966

PIC number: 945873967

In last years we sent volunteers and youth workers to several Youth Exchanges, Training Courses and Partnership Building Activities for projects made with partners from countries like Poland, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Serbia, FYR of Macedonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Greece etc.

We have a big database of volunteers that will like to improve their knowledge and skills in the youth field in domains like culture, sport, non-formal education, social entrepreneurship, healthy & ecological life-style, dances, urban art etc. and we can make a good selection of participants according to each project.

If you need our PARTNER IDENTIFICATION FORM (PIF) you can find it here: Updated-Partner-Info-Asociatia-Tinerii-3D-2023.docx

ESC Quality Label

We also have accreditation for SUPORT and HOSTING volunteers under the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) under Erasmus + Programme. Details can be found on the portal of European Union here:

Our accreditation number is here: 2019-1-RO01-ESC52-077697 (valid until 31.12.2027)

As we had EVS accreditation since 2014 and now we have the ESC Quality Label, we sent more than 200 volunteers on short & long period and large scale volunteering under EVS and ESC for different projects in different urban and rural areas in different countries, all of them having all the time support from our NGO.

Starting 2016 we hosted more than 100 volunteers from Turkey and Poland for different volunteering projects in Craiova and they work in different fields: promoting volunteering, culture and the city of Craiova, working in kindergarten & schools or media editing & promotion and much more.


For now we had just one intern from Slovakia for 2 months in our NGO in the summer of 2017. We hope to develop the internship parts so if you want to develop projects that include this part we are willing to join.

As hosting we had the following projects:

  • Erasmus+ Internship” – 1 Slovak, 2 months, starting July 2017

Reviews from partners

mapWe have strong collaboration with different partners from Romanian and from entire Europe, but this doens`t mean that we don`t want to extend our networking. We would like to develop different projects that are sustainable for youth and also for NGOs in order to achieve one of our mission to develop the community.

Here you can find some of the testimonials from the partners that we worked. For more you can access our Facebook page at the reviews section and check for more:

Some of the reviews:

“I like the concept, I like their style and I like the idea that education can reach people all over the world. I will never forget these great people, the wonderful atmosphere and all the things that I learned. I would recommend Asociation “Tinerii 3D” to everyone 🙂 I hope we’ll see each other soon! Many thanks”

Anna Lychees, Fundacja Chadoo, Poland

“Thank you for all the support and for being such a good and reliable partner in all my projects. And of course we are continuing in this way cooperation in future, also I would recommend Asociation “Tinerii 3D” to everyone as a reliable, professional and very responsible partner organization.”

Vladica Savićević, SFERA Serbia, Serbia

“Mladiinfo Slovensko would like to thank “Tinerii 3D” for seamless cooperation on EVS project “Urban volunteering kick-start” funded by Erasmus+. They have really proved that Tinerii 3D is reliable and well-working organisation. Thanks to this our ten volunteers were perfectly sweet and prepared. We will contact them again for 100% 🙂 It would be really pleasurable to cooperate on another project 🙂 We also recommend this organisation like a reliable partner.”

Jana Sadovska, Mladiinfo Slovensko, Slovakia


emailHere you have all the ways that you can contact us. The easiest and the fasted one for us is via email, but you can contact us via more channels of communication.

Write us direct on contact page on the website


Facebook: The Association of 3D Youngsters`s official page