Back to Poland – Creative Recycling, Miłków (Karpacz) – 10-20 January 2022

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Back to Poland – Creative Recycling, Miłków (Karpacz) – 10-20 january 2022 – Iliev Amalia Rossa

As soon as I saw this project I knew it was my time to return to Poland. Creative recycling was my fifth Erasmus+ experience and it met all my expectations and beat them all. A project which appears to be typical and rather calming in the beginning ended up to be one of my best projects so far, full of unique and unforgettable areas, activities and above all, people, friends. The topic was not foreign to me but the methods used were entirely new, innovative and creative. We started by getting deeper and deeper into the topic and finished by becoming our own eco-friendly designers and fighters for an eco-friendly environment. Besides all of this, in every night, we developed our cultural knowledge. Thanks to the intercultural nights we discovered every single participating country and even more. The whole project was a rollercoaster of emotions, knowledge and progress.

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