Editorial: one month of EVS experience in Didim, Turkey

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Andreea Ciornei, one of our EVS volunteers that took part in “Disabled Free Fest” during 1-30 October in Didim, Turkey shared with us some part of her experience and feelings.

DISABLED FREE FEST was a large-scale EVS project, which was implemented by 33 EVS volunteers from 12 different countries: Estonia, Moldova, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Albania, Belarus, Georgia, Romania, Poland, Sweden and Turkey. Our idea for social inclusion of disabled youth give them in same time opportunity to learn new skills which could be useful for future and give them chance to practice new knowledge, competences and skills by doing job as a volunteering.

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“My name is Ciornei Andreea, I am 22 years old and I come from Romania and I will tell you my experience with European Voluntary Service in Turkey. In the the beginning, I was kind of anxious about coming to Turkey,even though it was not for my first time, but now it was something different. I did know the Turkish culture and how you should behave with Turkish people, but living with them it is fascinating.

It s almost impossible to find the right words to describe  this amazing experience. I will start by saying once upon a time in a beautiful little city in Turkey, Didim, not very long time ago, more precisely on the 1st of October my “adventure” started. It was one of the most  significative month in my entire life. Why ? Because this month had a huge impact on me, I have evolved as a person and developed skills that  I would have never thought about. I have learned  what diversity is, how hard it is to deal with so many different cultures, giving the fact that we have been 11 participating countries. Working with people with disabilities was a challenge for me, and also an unforgettable experience. There were problems faced by people with a communication difficulty, but during this project I am sure that everyone overcame some problems or fears.One of the most important things that I have learned is how to deal with pacience, because it can get you through almost everything. What is more, we should not judge a book by its cover, because I have seen with my own eyes how capable people with different disabilities can be. The least but not last, I could see how happy they are, they see life more clearely than us and know how to appreciate it, a good lesson to be learnt from them.

Working here, being a volunteer, offered  me more than experience, it also gave me the possibility to make friends. In addition, it teached me how to work in a team and how to manage different tasks during the preparations for the festival. That is why, because of these things above, I can honestly say that I am more than satisfied that I have been part of this project. I will never forget this life changing experience.Thank you!”

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