Proud that we took part to ‘Camera. Action. Promotion. Impact’ training course

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The project financed by the European Commission through Erasmus+ which took place between 10-18 November 2016 in Nafplion, Greece. The six countries participating in the project were represented by NGOs and informal groups from Greece, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Romania, and the UK.

The project was designed to host 24 participants – young people, youth workers, NGO staff and representatives from our project partners. The main purpose of ‘Camera. Action. Promotion. Impact’ was: “To develop the video-making and marketing competences of youth workers.”

To reach this purpose, we set the following objectives:
  • Increase competencies on efficient techniques, means and possibilities of video-production among participants of this training course, during 6 month period
  • To learn modern programmes and platforms supporting video creation, promotion and dissemination as well as the basic rules of it such as respect to Copyright, Creative Commons etc, among participants of this training course, during 6 month period
  • To raise willingness to make a positive change in their communities and develop empathy towards people with fewer opportunities, among participants of this training course, during 6 month period
  • After the 6 month period of this training course, participants will gain more confidence in digital skills, whilst learning new ones that will stay with them long after the project has finished.

The participants attended training sessions built around non-formal education methods. These began at the preparation stage of the project and continued through the implementation phase to the evaluation and follow-up. The project took place during a 6 month period beginning in September 2016 and culminating in February 2017. During the project’s major activity we were working with partners charities and NGOs, as well as local from Athens/Nafplion/Thessaloniki. Our participants used the knowledge and skills they had learnt in earlier sessions to produce promotional videos for these organisations.

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