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Tinerii 3D, as partner with NECI Cyprus, is involved in the project “Heirs of Culture, Founders of the Future” with other NGOs from Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland and Lithuania.

During the youth exchange that took part in Paralimni, the 40 participants and 8 leaders had a lot of interesting activities, based on NFL approach (role plays, simulations, reflection, presentations, recreational activities, intercultural evening). We had session with expert on intercultural learning, met aspects of Cyprus Cultural Heritage (visits in Kourio Amphetheater, Choirokitia Neolithic Settlement, Nicosia Old city, Museum Thalassa, Olive oil production industry, Pottery craftsman, 1974 Monuments and Viewpoints, and will shared/prepared/presented traditional recipes and dances all together and with locals).

We had the chances to present our culture, to talk about of villages and our city capitals, to share receipts of tradition food like “sarmale”, “mamaliga” and “mici” and to talk about traditional crafts in Romania that of course we are proud of them.

We are sure that we made the other participants a little bit jealous and that they are planning a trip to Romania to enjoy all of this.

Here you have some opinions from our team:

“I have learned much more than I thought before I came to Cyprus. The most interesting for me was to see how it looks live a city that is divided in two parts, Nicosia in this case. It felt very strange and it is quite shocking. One of the things that I liked about the project is that it made me to be more aware about my country’s culture and heritage and to discover things that are related to my ancestor’s history. Also I could compare all this things with the other countries that were in the project. The project showed me a thing that made me very glad: that two ethnic groups that had conflicts in the past are willing to let the history back and just look into the future. Looks like bringing people together can make a big step forward in accepting other’s cultures.” Sorin

“During this project I’ve learned a lot of interesting things regarding Cyprus’s Cultural Heritage and also that there are a lot of similarities between our countries. I remember the fact that Nicosia is the last divided capital in the world and it splits in two with a border zone: one half of the capital belongs to Cyprus and the other to Turkey. Another interesting trips that got my attention were in Limassol, Ayia Napa, Kourio Amphetheater and Choirokitia Neolithic Settlement. Also, I liked that we had an interactive visit at the pottery craftsman, where we’ve seen the process of creating pots and also we could help create them by ourselves. In the master chef project where we’ve cooked traditional recipes I’ve learnt that there aren’t many differences between our countries’ cuisines.” Camelia

“This project for me it was a new experience were I met new people with different life experience. I learned many interesting things about the culture, traditions, places and food from Cyprus, but also about the countries involved in this project. I was very surprised to find out that a city can be divided in two countries and to see army guarding the streets in a city. ” Maria

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