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Tinerii 3D was part of the Erasmus+ Training Course “You(the)Rright!”. As result we have a super Toolkit that the Youth Workers can use it in their work.

This toolkit contains 18 different tools and activities to be used by youth workers and youth leaders in Human Rights Education activities, projects, and workshops. All the activities are based on different non-formal education methods and aim to raise awareness about the issues related to Human Rights protection, foster Human Rights activism, and help youth workers to engage young people in discussions on topics, related to Human Rights, especially the ones concerning the vulnerable social groups. Each activity has clear instructions, so can be implemented by less experienced facilitators, as well as a set of debriefing questions to foster discussion and reflection. Moreover, this toolkit provides all the necessary materials for activities implementation.

Download the Toolkit for Human Rights Education from here: You(th)Rright! Tookit for HRE
The Erasmus+ Training Course “You(th)Rright! Human Rights Consciousness for youth Workers” took place in Ommen, Netherlands, from the 29 of September to the 10 of October 2022. The project was coordinated by yEUth and funded by the Erasmus + program and attended by 40 youth workers and youth activists from eight European countries. The main aim of the project was to deepen the knowledge and understanding of human rights with regard to the fundamental principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations, 1948). The main objectives of the project were:
  • Deepen youth workers’ awareness about human rights issues;
  • Equip participants with knowledge, skills, and attitudes that support their positive contributions to society;
  • Engage participants in a dialogue about how human rights laws and principles can be translated into their own social, economic, cultural, and political reality;
  • Train youth workers’ mentoring skills and capacity in acting as multipliers in their daily work with youth;
  • Establish and strengthen cross-border partnerships and future common projects

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